Rajya Sabha TV : Teaser – Desh Deshantar: पास करो आगे बढ़ो | 8:30 pm

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Rajya Sabha TV : Desh Deshantar  

RSTV Desh Deshantar is a featured Hindi programme of Rajya Sabha TV (Hindi counterpart of The Big Picture )  which  features discussion on one topic of current national or international importance.

The Desh Deshantar is very useful for General Studies Answer Writing as it would enlighten you to think in multiple areas. Hindi Medium students has only limited content available for UPSC preparation . Desh Deshantar is one of the few programmes that a Hindi Medium aspirant should not miss .

The Desh Deshantar  displays multiple views about burning issues in the society from the perspective of bureaucrats, journalist, lawyers, and an expert in the issue on what debate/discussion is about.

Edusitech provides updates of RSTV – Desh Deshantar Hindi programme regularly as it would assist UPSC aspirants in the process of Civil Service preparation .

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